Action Needed! CA Master Esthetician License Bill to be Introduced in January

The California Coalition for Advanced Skincare and Education held a webinar today, December 12, 2013, detailing AB1153, the bill proposing a new 1,200-hour master esthetician license in California. Host Lynelle Lynch of Bellus Academy detailed information about where the legislation is at now and how you can contribute to the organization to help support the bill, while emphasizing that the new bill will not displace current estheticians in any way, allowing them the ability to be grandfathered in based on their work experience and ability to pass the master esthetician exam.

The main differences between the 600-hour basic esthetician license and new 1,200-hour master esthetician license comes down to the ability for estheticians to work on the epidermis of the entire body, not just from the decolette up. Education will include advanced peels, advanced microdermabrasion, light therapy, anti-cellulite therapy and oxygen facials, as well as information about how to work with medical personnel, cosmeceutical/pharmacology ingredients and advanced physiology.

Potential estheticians will be able to choose to pursue a basic or master license and language currently exists in the state potentially allowing for the transfer of basic hours toward the master license.

The Board will allow estheticians with a certain number of work years to sit for an exam and get grandfathered in to the master esthetics license.

On October 21, 2013, the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology vote in support of the bill. Also supporting the legislation is the Professional Beauty Federation of California.

California schools will have the option of offering the master esthetician license.

The bill will be introduced into the legislative session this January and, if passed, will be active in January 2015, allowing time for the "grandfathering" process as well as curriculum implementation.

The Coalition is currently seeking contibutions and letters of support to assist the efforts to pass this bill. It is seeking donations of $1,000 or more. Currently, it has raised $40,000 and needs $90,000 more. The funds go toward two lobbying firms that are helping the effort, as well as an attorney fee.

Log on to the organization's website,, to learn more and/or access the address to write a check for a donation.

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