Touchless Tech Is Taking Over the Spa Industry


The pandemic has prompted many in the wellness, beauty and fitness industries to embrace touchless and A.I. technology innovations, part of an effort to reopen safely and minimize certain face-to-face interactions. Here are three touchless tech options taking over spa businesses. 

Mobile Booking & Intake Forms

Mobile booking and intake forms help everyone avoid contact with commonly touched surfaces–from pens to clipboards–and eliminate unnecessary interaction with front desk staff during check-in. Some platforms even have geofencing technology, which allows customers to check in automatically when they walk in and proceed straight into treatment areas, reducing wait times in salon lounges.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Two-way text messaging permits clients to wait in their vehicles or outside until their service provider is ready to begin the appointment—another way to maintain social distancing during the check-in process.

Mobile Checkout

The convenience of mobile checkout allows customers to breeze through without contacting frequently touched POS equipment or worrying about maintaining social distancing at the front desk.

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