The Financial Abundance Factor


Abundance, in simple terms, means more of something, and the beauty here is that you get to fill in the blank.

Whether it’s more love, more joy, more clients, more happiness, more money, better relationships or a bounty of peace, it’s all good. Of course, most of the abundance referred to here is financial abundance, being that the intention is to provide a blueprint for generating more income and profits, but as you’ll hopefully understand, financial abundance is just a piece of the whole pie.

On the highest level, you should become enabled to improve the results, experience and lives of the clients you serve. Your ability to open up abundance to clients in the form of inner peace, improved skin condition and love through compassion, understanding and acceptance of them as people is what’s truly important.

For a quick synopsis of the Power of Three Method sales technique, check out the Power of Three Method sidebar. However, to fully understand all the method’s intricacies, log on to to download the full chapter for free.

Marketable mind-set

If you experience a negative reaction to offering clients three treatment choices to choose from using the Power of Three Method, consider where you are currently positioned on the scarcity or sufficiency continuum.

If, when asked to be more proactive in providing these upgrade choices for clients, you harbor feelings of discomfort, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your goals. Spas have incessantly stressed a client-first mentality, including promoting client respect, results and experience as top priorities. So why are you, as a spa owner, having this discomfort? It may be possible that your relationship with money needs healing.

However, if you think your relationship with money is spot on, ask yourself this question: Have I ever not offered something—whether it is a moisturizer, eye cream, or even a top-level service—because I decided the client couldn’t afford it? If the answer is yes, it’s definitely time for a truthful re-evaluation.

When you make a decision for a client from your own feelings of lack or insufficiency, you cheat that client out of a possible outcome. So while you might think you are saving them the time and effort of not having to say no to a service, unconsciously you are selfishly limiting them on their potential choices and eventual outcomes. Can you see now how limited financial beliefs can poison you into limiting the abundance flowing into your life—not only cheating yourself but those you are serving?

It’s time to get beyond scarcity and insufficiency for the good of yourself, your business and your clients. Creating a sufficiency mind-set in order for you to better allow financial abundance into your life can only be a helpful thing.

For those of you who already understand you are drowning in scarcity, or at least sometimes find yourself dripping wet in the insufficiency pool, all it takes is a change of mind to stop the madness. As you change your thoughts, your words and actions will follow, and positive habits will develop.

If you are feeling good about your abundance receptivity and think your connection with allowing financial prosperity into your life appears to be solid, the following definitions on scarcity and sufficiency mindsets may confirm your feelings, or it might change your mind and send you out to look for a new attitude.

Though the Power of Three Method will work either way, you will inevitably experience higher upgrade percentages, better client relations and more solid results, as well as more abundance flowing into your life, if you improve your relationship with money. And like any relationship, the healing will occur if you seek it.

Scarcity vs. sufficiency

If you come from a sufficiency mind, “more is better” simply means even though you already have enough, you desire to experience a grander vision of abundance for yourself and your family, as well as to share your unique gifts on a larger scale and with more people. These gifts include your talents, knowledge, time and money, so in this case, your expansion becomes a connected pursuit of a higher good, and one universal law states: The more people you help get what they want, the more you get what you want.

However, if you come from the scarcity mindset, the same “more is better” idea says that you only need more for your ego’s personal gratification and you can never really have enough. If you feel the archetypal Joneses always have more than you do and your inner worth is measured by what you can own and have, then “more is better” is a disconnection, becoming a time bomb waiting to implode. The universe will not support this self-centered, wounded effort. So the question remains, from which place do you come?

If you nurture a sufficiency mind, you will be supported by universal forces in your expansion efforts. However, you’ll be thwarted by those same forces if you operate from a scarcity mindset. The good news is you can heal your financial views and make the conversion from scarcity to sufficiency with some reading and personal work, coupled with a change of mind. However, please note, this is a very important topic to internally reconcile, as it will not only affect your worldview, but your future successes as well.

Results unveiled

If you use the Power of Three Method, providing each client with three treatment choices, your income from clients upgrading themselves will be enhanced considerably, as will the results and experience of your clients. The following financial examples from fictitious spas illustrate how two different pay structures can be affected when implementing the Power of Three method.

Total Destination Spa: Employees are paid hourly with an added bonus structure for upgrades.

  • Extra yearly income for Shauna the esthetician at a 30% upgrade average: $9,320
  • Extra yearly income for Shauna the esthetician at a 60% upgrade average: $18,640
  • Additional Total Destination Spa one-year profits with Shauna at a 30% upgrade: $12,220
  • Additional Total Destination Spa one-year profits with Shauna at a 60% upgrade: $24,440

Spa Beautiful: Employees are paid on commission, and upgrades automatically equal more income.

  • Extra yearly income for Angela the esthetician at a 30% upgrade average: $7,135
  • Extra yearly income for Angela the esthetician at a 60% upgrade average: $14,270
  • Additional Spa Beautiful profits in one year with Angela at a 30% upgrade: $11,180
  • Additional Spa Beautiful profits in one year with Angela at a 60% upgrade: $22,360

Just think what would happen if you had a staff of four full-time estheticians, all of whom used the Power of Three Method. If they average the modest 30% in the Spa Beautiful example—and it’s likely nearly anyone could average 30% simply by asking the proper qualifying question and providing clients with three choices—your additional profit for the year becomes a colossal $44,720. The same four estheticians at a 45% clip of client upgrades would net you a yearly profit increase of $67,080, and at 60%, your team of four would pad the books by an incredible $89,440 per year.

Those numbers are just for your estheticians. What would it look like to have your entire spa team involved in a system of positivity? The benefits abound—from increased income, enhanced results and clients feeling respected—to a higher sense of provider self-worth, a greater development of loyalty and more repeat clients, all leading to earning more profits to spend on those you care about, including your staff and clients.

Power moves

Remember, it’s not all about the money, but rather the control, the choices and lifestyle enhancements the money can afford you. Implementing these mind-sets, methods and ideas is the best way to start creating that potential today.

Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of Jamie Scalise’s unpublished book, The Power of Three Method: Upgrade Your Spa/Salon Income Without Selling. The complete chapter is available for free download, and you can hear more about building up your spa financially from Jamie Scalise at the Face & Body® 2009 Spa & Healthy Aging Conference and Expo in San Jose, California.

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