Simon Mansell

Founder of Artemis Distribution

Having previously run one of the largest Facebook advertising businesses, Simon Mansell landed in the aesthetics space in 2017 after he and his wife discovered Cryoskin, a non-invasive slimming and toning treatment, during a trip abroad. His wife received a treatment and they were both astonished by the results, making Simon eager to introduce Cryoskin to the U.S. market. Shortly after, Simon brought Cryoskin to its flagship location, Cryofuel, in NYC – which gained quick popularity and produced incredible monthly revenue for the spa. Determined to bring the technology to spas across the country, Simon founded Artemis Distribution. The mission at Artemis is to provide financial success to other spa owners by building a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin. Today Simon has helped to scale the business to 1,000+ partners and has expanded its portfolio to include non-invasive treatments such as Endosphères Therapy and Plason. 

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