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Eight Home Devices to Boost Skin Success

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In the last many years, the skin care industry has seen a plethora of devices launched for at-home use. Many allow in-home, additional care following a professional treatment at the spa. All of the devices and regimens put esthetic care at the forefront of personal care. Don’t shy away from carrying at-home devices to recommend to your clientele. Not only can they improve your treatment efficacy, but they can boost your bottom line.

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From pH Measurement devices to LED devices see what 8 home devices your clients are going to go nuts for in our digital magazine


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Melinda Minton is a spa consultant and is a past spa owner, certified massage therapist, esthetician and cosmetologist. Minton has worked on hundreds of projects involving everything from spa start-ups to launching marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies. Minton is the founder of The Spa Association (SPAA).

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