How to Perform The Osmosis Blemish Prone Treatment

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The Osmosis Blemish Prone Treatment invigorates and purifies for a smoother, brighter complexion. This results-driven treatment features Vitamin A Retinaldehyde to promote long- term collagen production without causing harm, irritation, or sun sensitivity and requires no downtime post-treatment.

Carefully curated to target and alleviate common issues associated with blemish-prone skin, this treatment focuses on calming inflammation, balancing oil production, and restoring the epidermal barrier. The result is deep hydration, detoxification, and restored brilliance.

Treatment Steps

  1. Pre-cleanse with the Osmosis Lift Away Cleansing Balm. This gentle balm effortlessly dissolves makeup and impurities, while detoxifying pores and enhancing skin health.
  2. Continue prepping the skin with the Osmosis Deep Clean Detox Cleanser. This unique blend of citrus essential oils and amino acids work together to remove deep impurities, promoting an invigorating clean that remains gentle enough for all skin types.
  3. After the skin prep process is complete, apply the Osmosis Extract Charcoal Mask. This mineral-rich clay mask helps absorb oil, reduce pore size, and detox the skin for a smoother, brighter complexion. Charcoal, kaolin, and bentonite absorb toxins, oils, and debris to purify the skin, making it great for reducing redness and inflammation post- extractions.
  4. Next, spritz the Osmosis Balance Botanical Activating Mist to naturally boost hydration and enhance product penetration for more powerful skin-clearing and brightening results. This soothing mist is frequency boosted to help detoxify, calm, purify, and refresh the skin.
  5. Apply one to two pumps of the Osmosis Clarify Clearing Retinal Serum and pat the serum into the skin. This vitamin A serum provides long-term collagen production and works with your skin to normalize oil production, improve detoxification, calm inflammation, and restore the epidermal barrier for a flawless finish. *More Balance Mist can be used after serum application for deeper product penetration.
  6. The treatment is finished with Osmosis Quench Nourishing Moisturizer - a lightweight, quick-absorbing emollient formula helps to replenish a weak moisture barrier and deliver immediate hydration, restoring brilliance to skin.

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