Next Generation Chemical Peels

Next-Generation peels break the inflammation cycle with new science, resulting in no inflammation, discomfort, or social downtime.
Next-Generation peels break the inflammation cycle with new science, resulting in no inflammation, discomfort, or social downtime.

The aging process and visible damage accompanying the major skin concerns we treat–acne, discoloration and impaired barrier–are all linked to cellular senescence. Senescent cells are cells that no longer function properly but have not been recycled or destroyed by our immune system. Not alive but not dead either; they are often referred to as zombie cells. The connection between senescence and inflammation lies in senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP). SASP promotes inflammation and leads to the production of more senescent cells. So, inflammation leads to senescence, and senescence leads to SASP, which leads to more inflammation and senescence–a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, the latest science and research on aging indicates the inflammation associated with high percentages and low pH of acids in traditional chemical peels leads to more senescent cells.*

Linder Health chemical peels are designed specifically to break the inflammation cycle. They are synergistic acid blends (+ specialty ingredients) formulated in concentrations and pH ranges to achieve optimal cellular health and target senescent cells and SASP for no inflammation, discomfort, or social downtime.

  • Hero Peel combines 15% mandelic acid, 10% lactic acid, and 3% tranexamic acid (TXA), making it perfect for most skin concerns, including visible aging and discoloration.
  • Spot(less) Peel is the solution for breakouts with 18% mandelic acid, 10% glycolic, and 2% salicylic.
  • Polite Peel leads with hydration and repairs damaged skin barrier with 15% glycerin, 12% lactic acid, and 3% TXA.

Mandelic, glycolic and lactic acids can’t naturally penetrate the skin’s lipid bilayer, so the depth of penetration has long been dictated by percentage, pH and time on tissue. Newer delivery systems have changed this way of formulating and administering peels. Transcutol is an advanced delivery system that effectively carries these acids into the skin without irritation, discomfort, risks and downtime.

After formulating over 100 professional products over the past 15 years, Linder Health’s Chief Scientific Officer, Ivana Veljkovic, PhD, states, “It was essential to me as a formulator to use new science with these peels. Recent data suggests that when used in lower concentrations and with a pH between 3-3.5, AHAs may exhibit senolytic and anti-inflammatory effects via epigenetic modifications of the inflammasome complex.”

Additional ingredients, such as tranexamic acid (TXA) and hexylresorcinol, target specific concerns such as discoloration, acne, and impaired barrier. Combining clinically proven acids and targeted ingredients with smart delivery systems provides all the benefits without the traditional hassles.

While inflammation once was our only option for creating true change in the skin, science now offers ways to work with the skin rather than against it. Removing the inflammatory component of chemical peeling allows clinicians to safely treat more patients more frequently than before. It is also possible to combine these peels with things we never could, including facials (think steam, massage, extractions), physical exfoliation, light therapy, microcurrent, and more. The long list of things patients can’t do post-peel is also eliminated–working out tomorrow morning?

No problem. Linder Health peels offer a solution for all skin types, concerns, Fitzpatricks and lifestyles so that you will have faster results, better experiences, and increased patient retention.

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