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SESHA Skin Therapy, with patented delivery technology, P.E.T., has developed an effective, non-invasive facial treatment for anti-aging, pigmentation, fine lines/wrinkles, grade 1 acne, sun damage, facial sagging, sensitive skin and mature skin.

Many spa business owners face the challenge of being competitive and staying on track with the budget. Remaining on-trend and offering cutting-edge treatments for your clients oftentimes equates to investing in costly equipment.

At SESHA Skin Therapy, we strive to create innovative and nourishing skin care solutions that deliver results. We are excited to announce that our team of scientists and estheticians have carefully curated a comprehensive facial treatment protocol utilizing our MesoBotanica nano-tip pen and solutions.

In just 30 minutes, you can provide your clients a pain-free, corrective, preventative and targeted all-in-one treatment with no social downtime.

SESHA MesoBotanica facial infusion device is a non-invasive, transdermal delivery pen that uses stainless steel nano-tip cartridges to drive solutions into the epidermis to detoxify, exfoliate, rejuvenate and repair to reveal radiant, healthy-looking skin. The pen is quiet, lightweight and easy to operate.

MesoBotanica solutions are formulated with our patented P.E.T. delivery technology, pharmaceutical-grade botanicals, exfoliants, peptides, antioxidants and growth factors to optimize treatment results.

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Treatment Protocol:


  1. Remove all makeup from the skin with SESHA Makeup remover or Cleansing Oil.
  2. Cleanse with Gentle Cleansing Gel.

Infusion treatment

  1. Apply Nano tip and use SESHA Pre-Treatment Detox Solution to prepare the skin for optimum penetration to deeply cleanse the skin.
  2. Apply Nano tip and use SESHA Exfoliate Solution or SESHA Brighten Solution. If the skin is keratinized (thickened stratum corneum) and oily with comedones such as whiteheads and blackheads choose SESHA Exfoliate. If the skin is dry, dull with an uneven pigment or redness choose SESHA Brighten.
  3. Restore and Rebalance the skin with hydrating and anti-inflammatory SESHA Vitamin Complex Solution.
  4. Apply booster treatment:

SESHA Cu-Peptides Booster - to firm loose, sagging skin.

SESHA Phyto Sun Repair Booster- to repair past sun damage.

SESHA EGF Repair Booster - to repair very mature skin.

SESHA Sensitive Repair Booster - anti-inflammatory, calming, soothing.


Apply SESHA Prevent + Protect SPF 30.

SESHA MesoBotanica Starter Kit Includes:

1 Silver nano-pen, 10 nano-pen stainless steel tips, 1 SESHA Pre-Treatment Detox Solution, 1 SESHA Exfoliate Solution, 1 SESHA Brighten Solution, 1 SESHA Vitamin Complex Solution, 1 SESHA Cu-Peptides Booster, 1 SESHA Phyto Sun Repair Booster, 1 SESHA EGF Repair Booster, 1 SESHA Sensitive Repair Booster, 1 SESHA Gentle Cleansing Gel, 1 SESHA Cleansing Oil, 1 SESHA Makeup Remover, 1 SESHA Prevent + Protect SPF 30

Company History:

SESHA Skin Therapy began as a pharmaceutical company, CONREX Pharmaceuticals Corp. All of our product ingredients are encapsulated in our patented delivery technology, P.E.T., which provides preventative and corrective treatment beyond the surface layers of the epidermis. P.E.T. was discovered by Dr. Dean Hsieh while he was conducting research for juvenile diabetes patients.

To learn more about the history of SESHA Skin Therapy view the message below from Phyllis Hsieh, President/CEO.

Phyllis Hsieh is the President/CEO of SESHA Skin Therapy. She is a nurse, esthetician, cosmetic formulator and industry veteran with over thirty years of experience. Dedicated to ingredient and product penetration technology, Phyllis is leading the industry in developing cutting-edge products to meet each and every skincare need.



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