The Science Behind Aging Eyes—and the Peel Solution

Bioelements new Quick Refiner for Eyes simultaneously removes dead and dulling skin cells, speeding up cell turnover as it hydrates, soothes, strengthens and protects.
Bioelements new Quick Refiner for Eyes simultaneously removes dead and dulling skin cells, speeding up cell turnover as it hydrates, soothes, strengthens and protects.

When clients have concerns about their aging skin, they’re often referring to the skin around their eyes. It’s the thinnest on the body—as thin as only an eggshell—and, with age, it gets even thinner. This area surrounding the eyes also has very few oil glands, so dryness easily sets in and fine lines are common, due to day-in and day-out repetitive squinting. The eye area is the part of the face that most often shows the first signs of aging due to UV damage and normal aging, and is also prone to dark circles, crow's-feet, dryness and even milia. The eyes are the reason your clients are hearing those three dreaded words: “You look tired.” So, as skin care professionals, what can you do?

Never hear “You look tired” again

Don’t conceal the signs of fatigued, aging eyes—eliminate them. The key is exfoliation, in a process that works to refine the entire eye area with a multilevel approach. Bioelements new Quick Refiner for Eyes simultaneously removes dead and dulling skin cells, speeding up cell turnover as it hydrates, soothes, strengthens and protects the thinnest skin of your entire body, and “waking up” fatigued, aging eyes.

This fast-action, clinically proven wrinkle-reducing eye area exfoliator is the “skin sequel” to one of Bioelements' most best-selling formulas: Quick Refiner, a chemical exfoliator for the face. This new formula just for the eyes works instantly to sweep away fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. It also speeds up cell turnover to boost brightness and target stubborn milia, all while comforting botanicals envelop skin in a blanket of soothing moisture. It’s created for the most delicate, sensitive skin, and clients will see results after one use.

Ingredients to wake up aging eyes

The exfoliating ingredients. A blend of enzymes and several alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) work together to remove dead, dulling skin cells, speed up renewal and jump-start sluggish eye-area skin.

Linked Papain CMPB. These are naturally derived exfoliating fruit enzymes, which are sought after for their fast, intense proteolytic (protein-digesting) action. They have a greater exfoliating effect than glycolic or salicylic acid, yet are safe to be used around the delicate tissue of the eyes.

Lactic acid. Lactic acid is an exfoliating natural AHA fruit acid and one of the most gentle in the AHA acid family, due to its larger molecular size and its naturally hydrating and healing ability.

Multi-Fruit BSC (Bioelements Alphablend). This is a “fruit salad” of exfoliating extracts that contain naturally occurring AHAs. Bioelements chooses to use several, because the molecules vary in size, and can penetrate to different cellular levels and rates. This varied blend is less irritating and keeps the skin responsive.

The soothing/strengthening ingredients. Quick Refiner for Eyes is formulated with built-in “buffers”—natural botanicals to moisturize, support and calm skin during and after exfoliation. These ingredients work together to discourage inflammation and redness, and promote skin-healing.

Hydrolyzed linseed extract. This natural extract provides a protective microfilm on the skin’s surface, and also works to remove redness and discourage visual irritation by inhibiting cellular inflammation. It soothes while, at the same time, protecting the skin.

Aloe vera gel. This unique and naturally soothing ingredient discourages visible inflammation and provides another natural buffer for the exfoliants in this formula. It moisturizes and aids in the removal of dead skin cells, as well as stimulates cell renewal.

Allantoin. A superb anti-irritant, allantoin is a soothing, comforting skin-softener with a natural buffering ability.

Green tea leaf extract. A powerful free radical-fighting antioxidant that strengthens with additional calming and soothing benefits, green tea leaf extract is known to be highly effective for discouraging redness and irritation.

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