Treatment How-to: Sweet Passion Peel

From Sweet Skin Spa, Seattle

This is one of the sweet treat facials offered at Sweet Skin Spa. It can work with various skin conditions and lifestyles. This facial is for unbalanced, dehydrated, sensitive, aging skin, and is also great for clients who are pregnant, smokers or travelers. It is a Level 1 peel, meaning it offers a superficial peel, one to three days of light exfoliation, and little or no flaking.

Treatment duration: 45 minutes

Treatment cost: $85–150

Room setup:

Treatment bed

Dim lighting

Equipment needed:

Cool water

Facial sponges

Sterile container

Glycolic swabs


Supplies needed:

Vitamin C cleanser

Balancing cleanser

15% passion fruit peptide peel

25% idebenone facial enhancer

Balancing soothing mask

25% hyaluronic acid

Balancing antioxidant serum

Peptide cream

Vitamin C eye gel or cream

Organic SPF 30 sunscreen

Lip enhancement gel

Step 1: Greet the client, offer a glass of water and request the completion of a medical history form. Escort the client into the treatment room and address any questions or concerns the client may have in regard to her skin or that may have come up on the form. If the client is allergic to idebenone, this step of the treatment can be removed. Tell the client you are going to leave to allow her to disrobe, and ask her to lie down, face up, under the covers on the treatment bed.

Step 2: After coming back into the room, begin the service by cleansing the skin using the vitamin C cleanser for one to two minutes, then remove the cleanser with cool water and sponges.

Step 3: Next, cleanse with the balancing cleanser for one minute using a circular and relaxing motion. Remove with sponges and cold water, and rinse a second time with facial sponges and cold water.

Step 4: Pour 1/8 ounce of passion fruit peptide peel into a sterile container. Add four drops of 25% idebenone facial enhancer, and mix together thoroughly. Inform the client that the peel treatment is ready to begin. Set the timer for five minutes.

Step 5: Saturate a glycolic swab in the solution and begin at the forehead in a circular motion, then move to the right cheek, the chin, the left cheek and finally the nose and lip area. The entire solution is to be applied to the face in a thick layer. Once applied, do not massage or over-stimulate the skin. Allow the solution to penetrate naturally for five minutes.

Step 6: Remove the peel thoroughly with cold water and sponges. Repeat to ensure all the peel solution is removed. Allow the client to relax and enjoy the experience.

Step 7: Apply a very thick coat of the soothing mask with a glycolic swab. Leave on for one minute. Do not use steam. Remove with water and sponges.

Step 8: Apply two drops of 25% hyaluronic acid to the face and massage lightly. Allow to penetrate for 30 seconds before beginning the next step.

Step 9: Apply the antioxidant serum.

Step 10: Apply two drops of 25% idebenone facial enhancer directly to the skin and massage lightly for 30 seconds.

Step 11: Apply peptide cream and massage it on the face, neck and décolleté.

Step 12: Apply vitamin C eye gel or cream.

Step 13: Apply a generous amount of organic SPF 30 sunscreen for extra healing and hydration.

Step 14: Apply the lip enhancement gel to the entire lip area.

Step 15: Let the client know the treatment has concluded, and allow her to get dressed. Once she is dressed, escort her to the reception area, and advise her to drink water. Discuss post-treatment needs to help heal and protect her skin. Also, inquire about a convenient time to schedule the next treatment, and always thank the client for allowing you to take care of her skin.

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