Treatment How-To: Cinnamon Enzyme Facial

This facial is often described as a nonsurgical face lift. It provides deep cleansing, exfoliating and, if needed, extractions, followed by a cinnamon enzyme peel and an intense tree bark enzyme mask that helps lift, tighten and firm facial skin.

Treatment duration: 60–90 minutes

Treatment cost: $150–180

Room setup: A heated bed should be turned down, ready for the client to disrobe. Candles should be burning and aromatherapy should be used. Play soothing classical music in the background during the treatment.

Equipment needed:

Hot towels


Extraction tools

Supplies needed:

Citrus herbal cleanser


Citrus herbal exfoliant

Tree bark enzyme detoxifying mask and soothing mask

5% cinnamon hot peel

Mineral mask

Pure aloe gel

Moisturizing serum

Step 1: Greet the client, offer a bottle of water and request the completion of a medical history form. Escort the client into the treatment room and address any questions or concerns the client may have in regard to her skin. Discuss contraindications, which include rosacea, because the cinnamon is too stimulating and can cause rosacea to act up, and claustraphobia, because the mask gives a tightening sensation that could cause a claustraphobic feeling. Tell the client you are going to leave to allow her to disrobe and ask her to lie down face up on the heated bed.

Step 2: Re-enter the room and place a hot towel on her face to warm the skin and relax the client. Cleanse the skin using an herbal cleanser and apply toner to balance the skin’s pH levels.

Step 3: Apply the citrus herbal exfoliant on the client’s face to remove any unwanted debris and dead skin cells.

Step 4: Administer steam over the client’s face for 15 minutes to remove the exfoliant. For approximately eight minutes during the steam, perform a relaxing head and scalp massage.

Step 5: Once the exfoliant is removed, begin extractions, if necessary, to clean out clogged pores.

Step 6: Apply toner after extractions have been completed.

Step 7: Provide a facial, neck and shoulder massage for 15 minutes. Apply a hot towel to the client’s face to remove any excess product.

Step 8: Massage the 5% cinnamon hot peel into the facial skin. This invigorates the skin, bringing blood to the surface. As the peel heats up, be sure to fan the client’s face using your hands to counteract the heating sensation.

Step 9: Apply the tree bark enzyme detoxifying mask to lift and cleanse using a fan brush. While this mask sets, which takes seven minutes, perform a hand massage on the client.

Step 10: Apply the tree bark enzyme soothing mask with a fan brush to calm the facial skin over the first mask. While this second mask sets, which takes seven minutes, perform a foot massage.

Step 11: Mix the mineral mask with the pure aloe gel—equal parts of each—and massage it into the skin to dissolve the 5% cinnamon hot peel, detoxifying mask and soothing mask.

Step 12: Place a hot towel on the skin to remove any excess product.

Step 13: Apply toner to the face. Depending on the client’s skin type, add a serum as a form of more concentrated moisture, along with a moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm to finish off the treatment.

Step 14: Once dressed, escort the client to the reception area and advise her to drink as much water as possible and thank her for her business.

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