Skin Hydration - How Does It Work?


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Regardless of its age, skin needs water to maintain its shape and healthy appearance. Well-hydrated skin looks younger and hydration is an essential first anti-aging step. 

Water represents 70% of our skin’s total weight, which demonstrates how important it is to preserve it. Skin hydration is regulated by two phenomena:

  1. Water retention in the skin’s superficial layers
  2. Water diffusion in the skin’s deeper layers

When the skin’s superficial layers (epidermis and its stratum corneum) are unbalanced, the protective barrier is much less reliable. The hydro-lipidic film struggles to maintain its regulatory and protective role. The skin is left dehydrated, and it feels rough and tight. As it worsens, it becomes dull, begins to peel and develop noticeable imperfections such as grooves and lines. 

Helping skin maintain its water levels means helping it fight against the signs of aging. The more hydrated the skin is, the more supple, plump and alive it will be. 

A YON-KA Paris Solution with Immediate Effects

The HYDRA N◦1 Collection:  a source of lasting hydration for all skin types

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By allowing your skin to reclaim its youthful hydration levels, the HYDRA N◦1 Collection works overtime and produces two key actions:

  • An immediate radiance boost
  • Extended anti-aging protection

An exclusive combination of molecularly light and heavy hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts renowned for their powerful hydrating action (aloe vera, imperatica cylindrica) lie at the heart of these paraben-free formulas.

The SERUM boosts hydration and ensures long-term action.

The CRÈME completes the serum with its restructuring, replenishing soothing and repairing powers.

The FLUIDE, rich in shine controlling silica, provides a mattifying effect.

Sustained Hydration and Proof of Effectiveness

Clinical corneometry tests performed following the application of the HYDRA N◦1 SERUM and CRÈME resulted in +144% skin hydration. When the SERUM was blended with the FLUIDE (indicated for oily and dehydrated skin) tests showed +122% increase of skin hydration.

To help spa-goers fast-track the results for renewed comfort, suppleness and radiance YON-KA’s HYDRALESSENCE is the perfect ultra-hydrating salon treatment solution. Contact us to learn more!


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