3 Solutions for Modern Society’s Skin Woes


With more people living in urban areas, increased technology use and the rising levels of pollutants, the sensitizing and aging effects of modern lifestyles are becoming unavoidable. CelleClé Skincare incorporates the world's most unique plant-sourced flavonoids, produced in response to environmental stressors, as well as sophisticated enzymes and biofermented saccharides, which help skin adapt and respond to previously unknown challenges with a new set of defense and repair abilities.

Problem 1. Urban lifestyle, pollution, car exhaust, smoke, heavy metals, Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5

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Pollutants found both outdoors and indoors encourage cellular oxidation and deterioration of epidermal lipids causing barrier damage. This leaves the skin vulnerable to overheating, stinging, redness, increased sensitivities and discomfort, premature aging and DNA damage. Many recent studies show that women in big cities are becoming increasingly concerned with dust, air pollution and radiation as causes of skin dullness, breakouts, dryness, aging and enlarged pores.

Solution: Cotton Stem Cells

Cotton stem cells in CellSurge Intensif Serum Concentrate produce highly specialized polyphenolic molecules that detoxify urban pollution and protect the skin from one of the most devastating environmental inflammaging compounds, PM 2.5, irritation-causing polluted microparticles and liquid droplets.

Solution: GlycoLift

GlycoLift in MicroLift Shield Treatment Moisturizer reduces carbon particle accumulation shielding reactive and sensitive skin from environmental aging and sensitizing damage.

Problem 2.Tech neck or text neck; loss of architecture firmness and volume; deep lines and wrinkles

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Most of us staring at our phones or other mobile devices right at a 45-degree angle are slowly becoming "victims” of a syndrome labeled as tech neck or text neck. This laxity of the neck and jawline occurs from persistent folding of the skin due to the repetitive motion of looking down at your phone or laptop.

Solution: Peony Root Oligosaccharides

Peony root oligosaccharides in 3D StrataSculpt Remodeling Serum provide gradual replumping, volumizing and firming by controlling communication and limiting negative pro-inflammatory exchanges between the dermis and hypodermis, and increasing the thickness and volume of the adipose tissue. Skin regains density and elasticity, as facial and neck contours are lifted and restored.

With more people living in urban areas, increased technology use and the rising levels of pollutants, the sensitizing and aging effects of modern lifestyles are becoming unavoidable.

Problem 3. Infra'aging, radiation aging, toasted skin syndrome, IR, HEV light, UV light

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Prolonged thermal radiation (heat) exposure due to laptop proximity can cause degradation of connective tissue and alteration of elastic fibers leading to the development of reticulated erythema, hyperpigmentation and telangiectasias. Light-induced damage indoors as computers, flat screen TVs, mobile phones with flat screens, energy efficient cool white or full spectrum lights, provide constant exposure to damaging HEV lights and a constant source of free radicals, causing redness, sensitivities and premature aging.

Solution: Heat activated extremophile

Thermus Thermophillus in CellSurge Intensif Serum Concentrate produces powerful enzymes that stimulate the body's natural antioxidants during heat exposure, repairing and protecting against IR damage. LipoShield (HEV phytomelanin) reduces oxidative stress caused by the 'aging' light emitted by smartphones, tablets, computer screens and other sources of HEV light.


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