Acquire the Latest Treatment Techniques at Face & Body Northern California


Join your fellow skin care professionals on Saturday, October 6, at the Advanced Education Conference Program at Face & Body Northern California. The Treatment Techniques track features actionable, practical information that you can use immediately.

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The Meridian Dance: Moving Body Affirmations for Wellness
10:15–11:15 AM

Linda Bertaut, Bertaut Beauty

Chinese medicine describes chi as the vital energy of life that flows around and through clients via meridian pathways. By stating the intentions while tracing the energetic flow, a rhythm emerges and becomes a meridian dance and whole-body affirmation, allowing clients to allow the authentic version of themselves to emerge. The class includes a review of meridian points on the face, neck and décolleté; affirmations for each meridian; and how to trace the meridians to perform the meridian dance. (Read More)


Indigenous Natural Body Treatments for Your Skin Care Facility
11:30 AM–12:30 PM

Michele Steinert, Michele's Apothecary

This class will include a discussion and demo about creating indigenous natural body treatments for your clients. Learn how to forge a connection with your clients by incorporating indigenous elements into natural treatments to make your spa stand out. What techniques can you use to form a unique memory of the spa experience? You will learn how to foster this memory, resulting in re-bookings and incredible word-of-mouth recommendations. (Read More)


Understanding the Basics of Aging and How to Maintain Beautiful Skin
1:45–2:45 PM

Denise Dubois, Complexions Spa for Beauty & Wellness

What was once soft, supple and firm becomes loose, dry and marked by fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. These symptoms will be explored, and solutions will be identified in regard to what can be done during a skin treatment to correct and combat these conditions. Teaching your clients the proper steps to continue at home on a daily basis is an integral part in this age management skin care program to retain a youthful appearance and take control of changing skin. (Read More)


Healthy and Flawless Foundations for Every Face
3–4 PM

Randal Hedges, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Achieving flawless, healthy skin does not have to come with a how-to manual. And whether it’s a work day or a client's wedding day, beautiful skin is all a woman really wants. No matter what coverage or finish she desires, or what type of skin she has, learn how to find the perfect mineral foundation for your clients. (Read More)


Men’s Intimate Body Waxing
4:15–5:15 PM

Andy Rouillard, Cirepil & Escential Perron Rigot/IBSG llc.

The very important aspects of men’s intimate body waxing will be demonstrated in this session, giving you a glimpse into this intense and increasingly popular salon and spa service. (Read More)

Register before September 29 to take advantage of reduced pricing!


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