When Clients Need a Lift But Are Short on Time (Includes Video Step-by-Step)


These days, many clients are pressed for time and don’t have as many opportunities on their schedules to fit in a full 60-minute facial. But it’s no reason to turn your back on them; they would still benefit from an effective treatment that delivers results fast.

Target time-strained clients with the Bioelements Fast Results Lift. In just 30 minutes, this effective express facial will tighten and firm the skin as it smoothes out surface wrinkles. It features a dual exfoliation and cleansing under steam followed by the ultra-lifting Bioelements Flaxx-C Mask, created specifically to firm and tighten skin. The Fast Results Lift is finished with an application of the perfect hydrating moisturizer, and ends with Bioelements Energy Tap to refresh the client.

This fast-results treatment is also the perfect opportunity to give other salon clients a quick introduction to your skin care services. Are there untapped clientele such as hair or nail clients who have never experienced spa services in your facility? This 30-minute fast facial can be the catalyst to turn them into long-term skin care clients.

The treatment

It begins with a pre-cleanse, followed by a Bioelements SkinReading, the quick and easy way for an esthetician to accurately read the client’s skin and professionally recommend the appropriate treatments and take-home products. This modernized system will show you how to identify the client’s concerns and maximize results. After a deep cleansing under steam and an application of toner or tonic, the firming mask begins.

A fast, firming and lifting mask

The key to this quick and successful treatment is the application of Bioelements Flaxx-C Firming Mask--a professional-use-only, advanced powder-base mask to lift, tighten and firm skin. It restores firmness to sagging skin by compressing the tissues, and its tightening action reprograms and remodels the skin’s supportive matrix, helping the skin’s nerve receptors to “remember” to stay lifted and firm. It’s formulated with flaxseed, omega-3 fatty acids to help strengthen skin, and antioxidants vitamin C and red rooibos tea extract to brighten and protect skin from free radical damage. Plus, it contains nonfat dry milk and bromelain to provide gentle exfoliation, as well as albumen derived from egg whites to provide a firming and tightening action.

After the mask is removed by loosening with a steamed towel, the skin is protected by a hydrating sunscreen or moisturizer. Then, finishing with the refreshing Energy Tap Signature Technique, quick and gentle tapping movements all over the client’s face, is recommended.

This amazing express facial will tighten, firm and smooth out surface wrinkles in only 30 minutes. The Bioelements Fast Results Lift is the perfect option for clients in a time crunch, and a great way to get new clients into your spa.

Are you ready to add the Bioelements Fast Results Lift to your spa menu? Download the complete step-by-step of the Bioelements Fast Results Lift. You can also chat with me and the other Bioelements experts about skin care, facials, ingredients and techniques at www.facebook.com/bioelements, and don’t miss my weekly blog at www.SkinReading.com.


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