Are You Servicing the All-natural Client? (Includes Video Step-by-Step)


If a client walks through your door and asks for a facial that uses all-natural products, and delivers the same results as the other scientifically advanced services on your menu, can you deliver? More and more clients are seeking services and products that are derived from natural ingredients. When you add a natural service to your spa, you can capture this growing demographic and make them faithful clientele.

The Bioelements All Things Pure Organic Facial uses all-natural ingredients from start to finish, and provides the visible results every client wants--whether they have an all-natural preference or not. It's the ideal facial for the skin care purist who wants a treatment that will leave their skin especially clean, youthful and amazingly nourished.

Products used in the All Things Pure Organic Facial include the Bioelements All Things Pure line, which has been awarded the Natural Products Association Seal. This highly coveted seal identifies products that have met a stringent set of audited guidelines based on natural ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability to qualify them as being truly natural. Since 1936, The Natural Products Association has been the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the natural products industry. For more information on this seal visit www.npainfo.org.

The All Things Pure Organic Facial starts with a pre-cleanse with Gentle Creme Eye Makeup Remover, followed by a Bioelements SkinReading, a system designed to identify, recognize and read every clue the skin reveals, so you can professionally recommend the appropriate treatments and take-home products without guesswork.

Next, you’ll cleanse the skin with All Things Pure Cleanser, a clay-based deep pore face wash that is soap- and sulfate-free, and follow it with a Bioelements Cleansing Facial Massage. The skin is then exfoliated with the All Things Pure Scrub, which contains curative Chinese grains that melt into emollient oils. As the skin is exfoliated, dead cells are scrubbed away and nourishing plant extracts are released.

Next, you’ll perform the 10-minute Bioelements Signature Massage, followed by a mask blended with Flaxx-C Firming Mask and All Things Pure Moisturizer, which contains skin-softening plant nutrients.

Skin is then finished with All Things Pure Eye Oil around the eyes, an emollient-rich blend of plant and essential oils that help strengthen the skin’s barrier layer and soften the visibility of fine lines. All Things Pure Moisturizer is also applied to the entire face and neck. Your client will now see skin that looks healthier, brighter and clearer.

Are you ready to add the Bioelements All Things Pure Organic Facial to your spa menu? You can download the complete step-by-step when you log in as a skin care professional at www.bioelements.com/pros. And check out the complete All Things Pure line, which includes both retail and professional sizes of the Cleanser, Moisturizer, Eye Oil and Scrub.

You can also chat with me and the other Bioelements experts about skin care, facials, ingredients and techniques at www.facebook.com/bioelements, and don’t miss my weekly blog about Professional Skin Care. I look forward to talking with you!


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