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A micro-molecule that deposits ingredients deeper to the active layers of skin repair? A patented medical-grade ingredient that can remove debris and toxins below the epidermis between in-office visits? A female-founded company rooted in science that can customize products to accelerate recovery and outcomes for during-treatment, post-treatment and between-treatment care?

Meet Omni Bioceutical Innovations.

Not all skincare is created equal, and Omni is the professional’s choice for medical grade skincare. How? When a beauty expert meets a double-PhD molecular scientist, you get breakthrough innovation.

Omni’s founder, CEO and beauty expert Jane Christensen joined forces with double-PhD scientist Dr. Gary Black to develop patented medical grade ingredients rooted in proprietary science for proven results.

The Skincare Dilemma.

Christensen and Black set out to solve one of the biggest challenges in skincare today--penetrating the skin’s epidermis to reach the active layer where skin renewal occurs. Many top ingredients’ molecular structure, at over 1000 Daltons in size, are simply too large to be absorbed. Rather, the ingredients simply sit on the surface of the skin.

Omni’s Proyouth™ Proprietary M-007® Solution.

The M-007® micro-molecule serves as a stealth carrier that transports and hold 300-times its weight, while absorbing deeper.

At just 326 Daltons in size, this proprietary, patented stealth micro-molecule carrier is not only small, it can serve as a bi-directional ingredient. This allows M-007® to either draw out debris or deposit active ingredients deeper into the skin’s dermis where active skin repair and renewal happen. In cleansers, Omni’s M-007® draws out debris, dirt, makeup and damaging toxins deep within the skin. In serums, Omni’s M-007® transports nourishing ingredients below the skin's surface, to boost collagen and elastin within the dermis. With M-007®, Omni’s powerhouse line up of ingredients, key signaling proteins like growth factors, peptides and amino acids work harder, to repair, restore and renew your skin.

And Clean Beauty?And Clean Beauty?

Yes. Omni’s M-007® powerful transformative and regenerative properties were discovered in a rare mud found in nature. Capable of protecting skin from damage, depositing active ingredients and drawing out toxins and impurities, Omni’s M-007® is the best of nature and science. Perfect for daily care and post-procedure use, no wonder it is physician recommended and client loved.


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