The science behind the industry’s leading antioxidant formulas


Summer has come and gone, which means it is time to revamp your skincare routine for the fall. It is no secret that fluctuating weather can wreak havoc on your skin; however, dermatologists agree there is a powerful ingredient that can help combat signs of aging year-round. Every skincare regimen needs an antioxidant product to prevent aging skin and correct visible damage.

PCA SKIN®’s C&E Advanced is an industry-leading antioxidant formula scientifically proven to deliver more antioxidants deeper into the skin and clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin in multiple ways. Below, we dive deeper into the formula that explains C&E Advanced’s product superiority.

Only the Bioavailable Forms of Vitamins C & E

PCA SKIN®’s C&E Advanced features L-ascorbic acid and tocopherol – the true, bioavailable forms of vitamins C and E, meaning they are readily absorbed by the body. Other forms of these vitamins, also known as derivatives or esters, lessen the potency of the formula. It is important to always pair vitamins C and E together as they work synergistically to protect the aqueous and lipid environments in the skin while supporting one another against oxidation.

Therapeutic Levels of Vitamins C & E

“Only about 1% of the vitamins we ingest in food and supplements ever make it to the skin, so it's important to apply antioxidants topically,” says dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay. The maximum therapeutic levels of L-ascorbic acid and tocopherol are around 20% and 5%, respectively, which is why PCA SKIN® C&E Advanced is formulated with these percentages specifically.

Added Corrective Antioxidants

The addition of 1% hexylresorcinol, an anti-glycation agent that brightens and promotes an even skin tone, and 1% silymarin, a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient, provide even more protective and corrective benefits to the skin.

Anhydrous vs. water-based formula

L-ascorbic acid is very powerful, but very unstable and easily oxidizes when exposed to light, air or water. Due to this instability, it is a difficult ingredient to formulate with, leading companies to use alternate forms of vitamin C. This results in a less potent, less effective product. PCA SKIN® C&E Advanced combines its powerful antioxidants in an anhydrous, or waterless, base – keeping the L-ascorbic acid stable on the shelf, yet potent and active in the skin.

Proven ResultsProven Results

When you have such a powerhouse antioxidant formula, it is no surprise when research proves its superiority. When tested against the leading competitor, C&E Advanced delivered 4.4 times more vitamin C and 3.5 times more vitamin E and delivered them deeper into the skin.

PCA SKIN® C&E Advanced was evaluated in an independent clinical study of 42 patients with Fitzpatrick types ranging from I to VI. Patients used C&E Advanced once daily in the morning over the course of 12 weeks with highly effective outcomes: 

  • 92% showed an improvement in skin brightening
  • 86% showed an improvement in hyperpigmentation
  • 73% showed an improvement in global facial appearance
  • 64% showed an improvement in fine lines
  • 64% showed an improvement in skin tone evenness  
It is time to expect more from your antioxidant. Learn more about PCA SKIN®’s innovative C&E Advanced formula, and their new C&E Hand Renewal, formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the hands, at pcaskinpro.com/vitaminc.It is time to expect more from your antioxidant. Learn more about PCA SKIN®’s innovative C&E Advanced formula, and their new C&E Hand Renewal, formulated specifically for the delicate skin of the hands, at pcaskinpro.com/vitaminc.


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