Spa Savvy: Top 5 Questions on Anti-aging


In the spa, you come across many clients who are looking for that tale as old as time fountain of youth. They want that one treatment that can reverse all the bad habits they've partaken in during their time, but as spa professionals we know that there is no one cure all for aging. However, that doesn't mean that you can't keep your clients and yourself educated on anti-aging. We sat down with Victoria Tabak to answer some of the biggest questions surrounding aging

Skin Inc. (SI): What are some main factors or causes of aging?

Victoria Tabak (VT): There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to how skin ages. Intrinsic causes are those that are outside of our influence, extrinsic are within our scope of impact. We may not have control over things like our genetics or even hormonal fluctuations, but lifestyle is one of the main causes over which we have power in how skin ages.

SI: What are the top ingredients to help with anti-aging?

VT: One of the most effective ingredients to activate a cellular age reversing process is genistein, which is a potent phyto-hormone that naturally tricks hormone receptors to initiate cellular memory and ultimately causing cells to behave as they did when the skin was younger. Hippophae berries, also known as sea buckthorn, is another powerhouse ingredient with DNA repairing potential which is abundant with vitamins, antioxidants, fruit acids and a rich combination of omegas. It synergistically works to keep skin healthy and youthful. Resveratrol is another top pro-aging antioxidant-rich ingredient that supports overall wellness, while promoting cell vitality and longevity to keep the skin firm and supple.

SI: What are some top aging myths?

VT: Sun damage is a big cause of skin aging, so it is expected that one of the top aging myths is that a higher SPF means stronger sun protection. The truth is that the sun protection factor means how long the skin is protected for and not in fact its strength. The ingredients that are used determine whether the SPF product is stronger or weaker based on whether they provide broad spectrum sun protection.

Another top aging myth that certainly needs some debunking is surrounding quick-fix skin care. The fact of the matter is that an effective topical skin care product will deem to be effective in accomplishing long-term results if used consistently and over time when matched appropriately with the skin needs and concerns.

SI: What is intrinsic vs. extrinsic aging? 

VT: Intrinsic aging causes are those that are outside of our influence (i.e. genetics, hormonal fluctuations). Extrinsic aging causes are within our scope of impact (i.e. sun care).

SI: What types of treatments are good for anti-aging?

VT: Using unique holistic wellness promoting approaches that provides a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy for all that has to do with hormonal skin aging changes is a great treatment. Modalities including microcurrent, microneedling and light therapy are also excellent options to support and combat skin aging. They work to slow the aging process, boost cell regeneration, stimulate facial muscles and increase collagen production.


Victoria Tabak is the CEO of Nature Pure Labs with more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is two-state licensed esthetician is a master’s degree in business and minor in chemistry. She is also a spa consultant and educator.

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