The Perfect Skincare Cocktails For Every Skin Type


“Cocktailing” products by mixing them together to get an amplified result can be useful for a wide range of clients. If you’re overwhelmed by cocktailing and want to know exactly what to mix, read on for a game-changing combination of products that makes it easier than ever to mix-and-match.

HydroPeptide’s new Firma-Bright 20% Vitamin C Booster is unique in that it won’t replace any step in your client’s routine, because it’s a booster that enhances the efficacy of the products it’s mixed with. Firma-Bright will provide noticeable improvements in the tone, texture and elasticity of skin. Formulated with a stable form of vitamin C called sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP), this treatment won’t degrade as quickly as other vitamin C serums. SAP is also designed to be gentler, even at the high percentage (20%) that goes beyond brightening to stimulate collagen production.

This powerful product can be added to any moisturizer or serum for a positive effect, but it was designed to mix perfectly into HydroPeptide’s products to address the most common skin concerns. Whether you are searching for the perfect brightening, collagen enhancing or overall youth boosting combo, these products will help to ensure you reach your goal and see noticeable improvements in your client’s skin.

Perfect For: Protecting and Correcting PigmentPerfect For: Protecting and Correcting Pigment

If brightening is your focus, you’ll want to mix Firma-Bright into the LumaPro-C serum. This mix includes two types of stable vitamin C to address pigment from multiple angles. There are also a host of brightening peptides and antioxidants that come together beautifully and deliver even, glowing skin.

Hydropeptide Si2002 Image2

Perfect For: Nighttime Skin Care Ritual

If you’re looking for the most powerful collagen boosting combo, the Nimni patented support complex blends with a collagen stimulating 20% vitamin C to go the extra mile toward achieving youthful firmness. Clients will see improved tone and texture as well as an increase in cell turnover from the encapsulated, time-release retinol.

Perfect For: Moisturizing Line LifterPerfect For: Moisturizing Line Lifter

This combo is the mature skin standard, not only will it boost collagen production and brightness, it will aid in the lipid barrier protection of skin. The Power Lift moisturizer will quickly replenish hydration and moisture that is lost with age and, in addition to brightening, the antioxidants in Firma-Bright will protect you from the free radical damage that can cause accelerated skin aging.

Cocktailing may sound complicated, but these combos are a simple way to improve your treatments. HydroPeptide Firma-Bright is a must-have booster for any anti-aging regimen.

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