Mandelic Acid: The Quiet But Powerful Rejuvenator + FREE Facial Protocol


Mandelic acid doesn’t always get its fair share of recognition for the powerhouse ingredient it is. The almond-derived acid delivers an abundance of skin benefits and is ideal for treating a variety of skin challenges including irregular pigmentation, rosacea, photo-aging and acne.

Mandelic acid performs similar to an AHA in that it loosens the glue-like substance around the cells to allow for easier cell turnover.  This is key for improving texture and increasing oxygen and overall rejuvenation. Mandelic acid is considered a gentle exfoliator as it doesn’t cause the skin to visibly exfoliate or dry, and it delivers several other unique benefits such as promoting antiseptic and antibacterial support, reducing redness and inflammation and inhibiting melanin formation.

While mandelic acid is beneficial for almost all skin types, it is particularly beneficial in the treatment of acne as it helps provide antiseptic and antibacterial support, stimulate exfoliation and encourage cell turnover. When mandelic acid is paired with arginine, it brings together exfoliation, antibacterial support and wound healing to form a powerful combination for acne skin.

With so much versatility and a long list of benefits, mandelic acid is a pivotal ingredient in both the treatment room and  a healthy-skin, homecare regimen. In fact, it’s a key ingredient in our 2018 acne-focused, signature treatments and several of our favorite products, including our newly-released Mandelic Au Lait and Mandelic Defense Lotion.

In the treatment room, our Acne Remedies Signature Facial and Peel Treatment provide two advanced options for clearing and preventing acne. These protocols comprise many healing formulations that also offer the skin cells accelerated turnover properties. For home care, the Acne Management System includes Mandelic Arginine Serum, which blends mandelic acid with pyruvic acid, phytic acid and L-Arginine to support collagen synthesis, cell repair, ATP energy and antioxidant activity.

To further support acne-challenged and sensitive skins, we recently introduced a new Mandelic Defense Lotion that purifies and clears congested complexions without drying out the skin. Also new for this year is the Mandelic Au Lait, which is a lightweight moisturizer that balances excess oil and protects against bacteria growth to help restore the health of compromised skin.

Mandelic acid can help make a difference in the skin of the nearly 60 million Americans who live with active acne. It’s essential to be able to address this condition as it impacts all age groups and genders and has been linked to emotional stress including reduced self-esteem, depression and anxiety..

Beyond acne, mandelic acid is a powerful pro-youth ingredient, and it works great for rosacea and photo-damaged skin. Incorporating this key ingredient into your treatment room and homecare systems will unlock the healthy skin results your clients are looking for.

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