Defining Gommage: The perfect peel for all skin types + Free Technical Guide


While exfoliation is one of the quickest and easiest ways to brighten and smooth the skin, not all methods of exfoliation are equal. Gone are the days of harsh, abrasive scrubs that dry and irritate the skin. As consumers become more sophisticated about product formulations and how to best determine their skin care needs, non-abrasive exfoliants such as Gommage 305 are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Gommage, which comes from the French word meaning “to erase,” is a classic exfoliation method that is in the spotlight once again for its ability to leave the skin smooth and soft while also treating and hydrating at the same time. Another reason that gommage products are being rediscovered is they are environmentally friendly. With microbead bans being signed into law along with consumer awareness of avoiding products that harmfully impact the environment, Gommage 305’s non-particle based gel formula erases cellular build up on the skin without plastic.

Traditional formulations for gommage-type exfoliators require the product to dry completely once applied. In turn, this can lead to lots of friction being needed to remove the product along with the dead skin cells and can overstimulate the skin. Gentle and thorough in its action, Gommage 305 is applied evenly to the face, neck and décolleté and allowed to partially absorb. As the gel begins to feel sticky or tacky in texture, sweeping movements are performed to create the little peelings or “gomaze.” This provides a massage-like exfoliation for the skin without friction or tugging at the delicate contours.

While regular exfoliation can do wonders to maintain a bright, radiant complexion, removing cellular buildup consistently has other benefits for the health and vitality of the skin. Active ingredients are more readily absorbed, which can increase their efficacy. Skin’s moisture levels will also improve as cellular buildup inhibits hydrating and nourishing ingredients from penetrating the skin properly. One of the benefits of Gommage 305 is that each application of this carob-rich gel acts like a mini hydrating mask once on the skin. Restoring hydration to the skin’s upper layers helps to loosen hardened buildup, which makes the removal of dead cells easier and more complete and effective. As the skin loses moisture, the intracellular glue that provides cohesion to the keratinocytes, becomes rigid and natural desquamation of the skin diminishes, which in turn increases cellular buildup even more.

One of the other benefits of Gommage 305 is that in addition to its excellent action of exfoliation and hydration, it is also meant to soothe and treat the skin. Rich in botanical extracts such as white nettle, borneol and lime essential oil, the ingredients work to reduce redness and irritation, brighten, purify and regulate sebum production, making this product truly applicable for all skin types. For those who’ve never experienced a gommage exfoliation before, this video shows the product in action.

Watch a video demonstration on the application and removal of Gommage:


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