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Advanced studies show that DNA repair and copper play fundamental roles in skin health. Neova’s medically acclaimed DNA CoFactor products take vital nutrients, proteins and enzymes and bring them right to their destination using the most powerful delivery systems available.

  • DNA Repair Enzymes: Delivered through liposomes, the encapsulated DNA repair enzymes get right to the site of the skin’s damage
  • Copper Peptide Complex®: A protective delivery system that allows the body to recognize and accept copper into the cells and restore skin health.

With precise delivery systems, Neova’s patented formulas target the cause of photoaging—DNA damage in skin cells. Continuous use enhances the skin’s ability to repair and protect itself, revitalizes and noticeably decreases the visible signs of photoaging and enriches overall skin appearance.

Photoaging is the complex cascade of damages that accumulate from repeated exposure to solar ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB). It involves all the layers of the skin and visible damage includes wrinkling, loss of elasticity, erythema, irregular melanization and increased risk of skin cancer. Solar UV inflicts its most serious biological consequences on skin cells by damaging DNA. If not repaired, mutations in skin cell DNA results in imperfect replications. Other consequences are seen in the form of solar lentigines. The UV-induced DNA damage also activates immunosuppressive pathways that inhibit the cutaneous immune system from reacting to challenges from the environment. Additionally, the oxidative events of UV irradiation trigger inflammatory responses that release collagen-degrading metalloproteinases into the dermal layer. The resultant disorganization of collagen fibrils in the dermal connective tissue leads to loss of skin tone and elasticity.

Through clinical research, Copper Peptide Complex has been shown to fight free radicals due to environmental aggressors and helps optimize the natural production of new collagen and elastin as it helps to optimize natural cell turnover. DNA repair enzymes are engineered to transfer key proteins into epidermal cells through liposome delivery and work to reverse UV-induced lesions on DNA and reduce the appearance of photoaging. These pH-sensitive liposomes carry the repair enzymes across the non-living stratum corneum and into the upper skin cells. They supplement the endogenous processes that by themselves would excise only about half of the daily damage.

Together, NEOVA DNA CoFactor technology delivers a powerful punch, providing two super-charged correctors in one that go after the cause and the symptoms of environmental aggressors.

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