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In our present age where beauty evolutions transpire daily, where rapid change is ceaseless, and today's biggest trend quickly becomes yesterday's fad, it's time to supercharge our traditional ingredients.


By now, we are all too familiar with what was once touted skincare's buzziest new ingredient.  Years later, the skin-plumping HA is back-- in miniature form.

Naturally found in the extracellular matrix where collagen is located, hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that attracts water from its surroundings and expands it up to 1,000 times.  However, as we age, our body creates less of it. When cells crave lost moisture, collagen fibers dry out and deteriorate, like aging rubber bands. Skin loses elasticity, becoming thinner and more wrinkled.

It's no secret that HA has well dominated every beauty shelf and stood the test of time. The only caveat? Its molecules are too big to penetrate into your skin. As a result, we've resorted to injecting HA fillers to drive it down into the out-of-reach layers.


The solution?

Bi-dimensional HA in Le Mieux Bio Cell+ Mask. Thanks to the ever-progressing wave of science, chemists have found a way to get it into your skin sans needle. By breaking down the molecular weight of the substance, mini hyaluronic acid (under 1,000 kDa) can now penetrate deep into skin's extracellular matrix to bathe withering collagen and elastin fibers in moisture. By cross-linking various shapes and sizes of the molecule, its bigger counterparts keep surface wrinkles plump, and each layer in between taut and hydrated, bringing you firmer skin without the downtime.

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AWARD-WINNER (year after year)--Bio Cell+ Mask is a freeze-dried collagen sheet mask that is steeped in a pool of serum, exclusively based with bi-dimensional hyaluronic acid, for an intense dose of hydration. Brimming with super-peptides and brightening botanicals, it is the 15-minute antidote for dry, sensitive skin that thirsts for long-lasting moisture, radiance, and plumped lines.

Expert tip: Do you offer micro-current or micro-needling treatments?

  • During micro-current treatments, work your device over the applied Bio Cell+ Mask. When the mask becomes 'charged', active ingredients penetrate directly into the skin, synchronizing with the currents.
  • Following micro-needling treatments, skin is sensitive and desperately needs soothing.  Apply  Bio Cell+ Mask to instantly calm the facial area and amp up benefits.

Following every treatment, retail Bio Cell+ Mask to your clients for an at-home, post-care treatment that extends the results of your facial.

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