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The Power of Probiotics for Acne and Anti-Aging

Most people think of the body’s digestive system when probiotics are mentioned. Probiotics not only help balance good and bad bacteria internally, but have demonstrated the same positive effects topically. Skin care industry experts as well as the American Academy of Dermatology have dubbed probiotics as the new beauty breakthrough optimizing skin’s natural barrier function as well as addressing acne and rosacea.

Redefining Skin Defense

The skin is the body’s first line of defense. The body’s immune system recognizes any foreign invaders either topically or internally. This action triggers the inflammatory process creating erythema on the skin. Topical probiotics help prevent skin cells from recognizing bad bacteria limiting the inflammatory immune system response. This reaction is known as ‘bacterial interference.’ Balancing bacteria aids skin in overcompensating for decreased epidermal water loss or an overactive sebaceous gland.

Having a healthy skin barrier is today’s definition of beautiful skin. This barrier function is key to maintaining healthy skin balance. Skin health is challenged daily with the increase of environmental elements and daily stressors like a busy lifestyle and uncontrolled polluted environments. Complexion changes are visible, ranging from stress-induced breakouts, skin irritation, dryness and overall problematic skin. Boosting skin defense is a vital component in modern skincare.

Probiotics have additional antimicrobial benefits, which create holes in bad bacteria, destroying them. These benefits not only help with acne, but also improve the skin’s appearance and overall health. Probiotic benefits also aid in decreasing skin sensitivity, redness and irritation, thus increasing the effectiveness, making it a revolutionary anti-aging ingredient. Probiotics have also demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties as well as increased ceramide production to balance skin’s barrier function. 

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Probiotic Product Breakthroughs

Lira Clinical has recently incorporated the latest topical probiotic technology into its ICE product line. Lira’s probiotic ingredients are derived from fermented rice (lactobacillis ferment), which works on gram-negative bacteria and candida. Lira Clinical also integrated a new peptide delivery system that allows proven active agents, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to be delivered without the traditional irritation and redness many acne and rosacea sufferers have become accustomed to. This futuristic technology also delivers brightening bio-actives and anti-aging marine extracts restoring healthy, bright skin. 

Probiotics have additional anti-microbial benefits which create holes in bad bacteria destroying them.

 ICE products are designed to maintain skin health and balance while combating all grades of acne. Since acne and rosacea do not target one demographic, these skin issues are seen in various age groups. The beauty of the ICE line lies in its multi-tasking benefits for a range of skin types and needs. The ICE line addresses age prevention through minimizing pore appearance, refining fine lines and wrinkles while evening skin tone, truly making this line the personification of contemporary skincare.


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