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HydraFacial Company

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Edge Systems LLC takes great pride in consistently making quality devices that are rigorously tested before distribution. With an FDA and ISO 13485 registered manufacturing facility, our devices and products conform to U.S. and international standards, including CE and CSA.

Edge strives to continually evolve and exceed industry expectations. The company is the 1st U.S. manufacturer to design and sell a patented microdermabrasion system and created the category of hydradermabrasion. Edge holds over 17 U.S. and worldwide patents with 14 pending.

With an ever-evolving market, our state-of-the-art engineering team continues to use the most advanced design programs and computerized part reproduction capabilities. Our highly accredited chemists research and develop effective cosmeceutical solutions used with our devices. We are able to fast-track the prototyping and testing of device ideas and market demands right in our facility.

Edge works hard to ensure your success. We provide unparalleled internal and field support including business consultants and account representatives, at your convenience. Our customers love the personal touch from our friendly customer care team which we feel is vital in maintaining and enhancing our business relationships.

Products from HydraFacial Company

HydraFacial's Treatment

HydraFacial Treatment is multi-functional in its ability to cleanse, exfoliate and extract the skin while hydrating. 

Circadia's The HydraFacial Chrono-Peptide Booster

The HydraFacial Chrono-Peptide Booster works to reduce the signs of aging by recharging, rebuilding and repairing the skin.

Circadia's The HydraFacial ProTec Plus Booster

The HydraFacial ProTec Plus Booster works to deliver hydration to the skin while plumping to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.