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Celluma / BioPhotas, Inc.

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BioPhotas, Inc. is an FDA registered medical device company manufacturing the award winning Celluma Series of LED devices which use proprietary photo-therapeutic technologies to treat skin, muscle and joint conditions, including acne, full-face wrinkles and general pain. Unique in design, the award winning Celluma Series is globally used by estheticians, dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons and pain management specialists In three short years, BioPhotas’ flagship product, the Celluma PRO has gained the distinction of market leader in esthetic light therapy devices.  In 2016, Celluma was CE-Certified as a Dermal Wound Healing Medical Device in the European Union, the first device of its kind to achieve such status. Celluma devices are shipped throughout Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

BioPhotas is guided by a commitment to providing scientifically proven, evidence-based products and the core values of honesty, accuracy and integrity, while honoring customers with accountability, dependability, responsiveness and compassion.

Products from Celluma / BioPhotas, Inc.

BioPhotas' Celluma POD

Celluma POD is a hand-held device that uses LED therapy to treat different skin conditions like acne and aging as well as pain.

BioPhotas Inc.'s Celluma Home

Celluma Home is FDA cleared to treat wrinkles, muscle and joint pain, arthritis and compromised blood circulation at home. 

Biophotas Inc.'s Celluma PRO

Celluma PRO sooths inflammation through its non-invasive light therapy, and the chemical-free aspect of the light makes it great for sensitive skin.

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