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Research Assess Skin Cancer Risks

Research was presented during the American Society of Human Genetics annual meeting, which discussed the correlation between genetic risk factors for skin cancer and environmental risk factors for skin cancer.

Caffeine Consumption Re-java-nates Rosacea-prone Skin

Coffee works wonders when it comes to waking people up in the morning, but could that cup of joe actually be doing even more for your skin? This study may suggest that caffeine can make a big impact on lowering the risk of rosacea.

Nature’s Sponge: The Magic of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is basically a must-have in any skin care tool box, and it has numerous benefits to the skin. See where all the hype is coming from for hyaluronic acid.

Sneaky Dehydration: Catch It and Ensure Great Skin for Clients

Understanding the difference between dry and dehydrated skin is very important when it comes to treating your clients. Knowing only a client's skin type, however, is a disservice to both of you.

The Magical Benefits Brewing Inside Witch Hazel

While it may sound spooky, witch hazel is anything but. This anti-inflammatory compound has a host of benefits for the skin that might be just a bit magical.

Show Me Your [Facial] Muscle

While many spa professionals are aware of muscles in the body, muscles in the face are just as important to understand. See how the different types of facial muscles fuel different treatments.

The Healthy Age Rage: 10 Age-Fighting Ingredients That Need to be on Your Radar

Aging prevention and reversal has been a hot topic in the spa industry, so check out these 10 need to know ingredients that can help you help your clients achieve their anti-aging goals.

Maple Imparts Unbe-leaf-able Anti-aging Benefits

A novel source for anti-aging skin care has literally fallen at the feet of University of Rhode Island researchers—maple leaves.

Celery Juice Providing Skin and Body Benefits

Celery juice is the current hot trend that celebrities and wellness influencers are loving. So here's the this low calorie, skin beneficial ingredient here to stay?

Jar Deconstructed: Cannabis

Cannabis is an ingredients that has undoubtedly jumped on the trending train and is not getting off. See what benefits cannabis can bring to your spa and your clients skin.

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