[Video] Become Certified to Save a Life With The Skinny On Skin


As some of the only professionals to closely examine skin on a regular basis, stylists, estheticians, nail technicians and other skin professionals are in a unique position to spot melanoma on a client long before anyone else.

Based on the understanding that head and neck melanomas are particularly dangerous, The Skinny On Skin will teach you how to screen for suspicious moles while performing common salon services. Become certified to offer this potentially life-saving service for your customers. Beauty trends change. Changing a life lasts forever.

For skin care professionals in the spa industry that wish to take part in the fight against skin cancer by detecting suspicious moles early, Face & Body Midwest has partnered with the Melanoma Foundation of New England to offer two on-site skin cancer education programs on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23, 2017.

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