How to Get a Flawless, Sunless Tan This Season


This season, more Americans are trying on a sunless tan.

The sunless industry has been on the rise for the past few years with new technologies and formulas that ensure flawless color and coverage, easing the minds of even the most wary. However, the life and quality of a sunless tan is contingent on the right care, which is why proper maintenance both before and after an at-home or in-salon treatment is just as crucial as the actual application itself.  

Sunless Inc. sunless tanning expert Ricky Croft has all of the tips needed to ensure that your sunless tan lasts until the new year and bronzing blunders remain a thing of the past.


  • Clean, freshly washed skin is the first step to obtaining an even tan. Use body washes and exfoliators that don't contain any oils, since these ingredients can impede the tan's development. Starting with a clean palette also means a sunless tan will fade uniformly.
  • Shaving or waxing at least 24–48 hours prior to sunless tanning in order to give the skin's pores time to close and to help ensure an even tan is recommended. Shaving closes the cells and makes skin very tight, therefore making skin unsusceptible to absorbing the tanner if done too close before application.
  • Use sunless tanners sparingly around rough and dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles, as these areas tend to darken more quickly. Apply a petroleum-based product to cuticles and nail beds to avoid discoloration. Be cautious and take added care of parched skin between applications during the winter.
  • Don't overreact about slow color development, as full results can take anywhere from one hour to three hours to begin to show, and the entire process can last from 8–12 hours. Wait a full day before you judge your spray tan. 
  • Extend the glow with follow up products which are specially formulated to extend tans by replenishing skin and subtly deepening color. 
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