Skin Cancer Foundation Releases New Edition of "Understanding Melanoma"

The fourth edition of Understanding Melanoma: What You Need to Know, by Perry Robins, MD, and Maritza Perez, MD, is available now. The Skin Cancer Foundation’s reader-friendly handbook is written in simple, straightforward language for melanoma patients and their families. Twenty pages have been added on the latest developments in melanoma research, detection, and treatment.

“We are very proud of this expanded new edition, featuring the latest information,” said Perry Robins, MD, president, The Skin Cancer Foundation. “We believe it will fulfill the public’s need for up-to-date melanoma literature.”

Understanding Melanoma: What You Need to Know contains essential information for anyone interested in melanoma, covering the four basic types of melanoma; its causes, risk factors, diagnosis, staging, treatment options, prognosis, hereditary and genetic factors, as well as all forms of prevention, from clothing and sunscreen to shade and tanning avoidance. The 91-page book also contains a comprehensive FAQ question-and-answer section, a glossary of terms, and a list of additional resources and support groups.

New knowledge of the genetic and environmental causes of melanoma is explored, and the book introduces and explains the two simplest strategies for early detection – the ABCDEs and the new “Ugly Duckling” technique. The importance of monthly self-examination is stressed in a section including illustrated step-by-step self-exam techniques, body maps, an actual mole size chart, and a self-examination log. The dangers of indoor tanning are also strongly reinforced.

There are 68,720 new invasive melanoma patients anticipated this year in the United States alone, as well as another 50,000 patients with melanoma in situ (melanoma that has not invaded past the skin surface). Between new patients, their family members, and physicians, hundreds of thousands of people could benefit from this book.

Understanding Melanoma: What You Need to Know is available for purchase through The Skin Cancer Foundation and on for $10. For more information, visit

Read an excerpt from the book.

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