Skipping the Shower? Science Says...Maybe


Step out of the shower—your microbiome may be at risk. While little research has been done exclusively on the subject, science suggests that showering too often may be bad for your health.

Essential organisms and oils go down the drain after scrubbing and scouring skin and hair in the shower, affecting the microbiome (the bacteria, archeae, viruses and microbes on and in bodies to keep them up and running). The health of skin and hair can be compromised with regular showering, which is then supplemented by beauty products, such as conditioner and moisturizer, trying to replace the oils and moisture lost during the process.

Self-experimentation makes up the bulk of science published on the topic. People who have gone sans-shower found that their bodies eventually adjusted to the change, and with some maintenance do not deal with grime or odor.

Findings from a study of the shower-free people of the Amazonian village Yanomami, who had the richest and most diverse variety of bacteria and genetic functions found in a human group, showed that microbiomes flourish more away from an indoor and sterilized environment. However, the jury is still out on whether a shower-free lifestyle is the healthier choice.

Source: Business Insider

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