Very A-peeling: Adding Peels To Your Education at Face & Body


Peels are an excellent treatment in any spa to restore the skin while promoting a youthful appearance. So, Face & Body Northern California is sparing no expenses when it comes to making sure you can get a proper education while attending this year's conference and expo. There will be 11 classes on peels to attend, including one Advanced Education class.

Chemistry Spa Pod

Personalized Peels: Customization For Today's Client

Aug. 27, 9-10 am, Shannon Esau, (Class requires an additional fee.)

Discover how different acid solutions affect the skin, and learn how they can be used to target skin conditions like aging, acne, rosacea and pigmentation. Learn the fundamentals of each acid and how to select the proper acids for your clients’ skin to achieve maximum results.

Classes on Peels

How to Market Custom AHA, BHA, Vitamin A and Alkaline Peels for Aging, Acne and Sensitive Skin

Aug. 26, 9-10:30 am, Mirela Marinescu

This class will teach you to asses your clients skin care needs and how to combine and layer TCA, Jessner, Glycolic and Vitamin A peels for great results with minimal side effects. Plus, this class will include a demonstration with complete protocol instructions.

Make Peels Your FORTE

Aug. 26, 9-10:30 am, Image Skincare Business Development Manager

Learn about IMAGE Skincare's exciting new formulations and their new FORTE peel options, and practice building result-orientated treatments that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Peels, Peptides and Probiotics: Discover the Future of Skin Care

Aug. 26, 9-10:30 am, Metaxia Dalikas

Discover the new approach of healthy exfoliation, skin brightening and volumizing with Smart Peel technology. Learn how to achieve immediate visible results gaining and retaining clientele and increased business profits.

Hands-On Training with the Leaders of Chemical Peels

Aug. 26, 11:30 am - 1 pm, Dawn Ahearn

This workshop goes over the key benefits, contraindications and advanced application techniques of PCA SKIN peels. It will discuss the consultation process and end with performing and experiencing a treatment. This course will qualify you to become PCA certified at a special promotional rate.

Miami Peel Solutions for Acne and Hyperpigmentation

Aug. 26, 11:30 am - 1 pm, Nicole Vaisman

Learn what’s new in professional strength peels and home care options to treat acne and hyperpigmentation. Learn how to utilize the Miami Peel Systems effectively with a complete walk through of techniques and procedures for addressing skin conditions via a live demo.

Cocktailing Chemical Peels for Superior Results

Aug. 26, 3:30-5 pm, Jess Sanford

Chemical peels allows you to create endless customized treatment options for your clients and their skin care needs. In this class, you will learn tips, chemical peel cocktailing ideas and techniques for combining peels and professional products to achieve optimal results.

A Physiological Approach to Peels

Aug. 27, 10:30 am - 12 pm, Michael Pugliese

This comprehensive seminar will address the relationship between PH and the strength of peeling acids. It will dive into the benefits and drawbacks of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic and Mandelic acids and the physiological responses to their application. All attendees will receive a professional peel certificate.

From Full Body to Intimate Areas - Brightening Peel System

Aug. 27, 10:30 am - 12 pm, Kristina Cuevas

Learn about the Clear Choice/Prana Spaceucticals Professional Intimate Brightening System as well as the accompanied Home Care System, and learn where it can be used.

Organic Peels for Holistic Estheticians and Sustainable Spas

Aug. 27, 1-2:30 pm, Dawn Lorraine McGrath

Join us for a demonstration of one of our high-performance, organic peels. Learn about natural ingredients that replace chemicals and how to meet the growing demand for ecofriendly organic products. Free product at end of class.

Treating Skin of Color: Chemical Peels for Fitzpatrick's IV through VI

Aug. 27, 1-2:30 pm, Dawn Ahearn

With proper training and product selection, all providers have the ability to improve the health and appearance of all skin types and tones. This presentation will discuss the important physiological differences between lighter and darker skin types and the most appropriate ingredients and treatment methods.

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