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There is a huge misconception that those with acneic skin should avoid using oils at all costs. It’s actually the opposite! Of course, there are comedogenic oils that acne-prone individuals will need to avoid, but all skin requires a balance of both water and oil to remain healthy. This balance of water and oil ensures that the skin barrier is functioning properly and is preventing transepidermal water loss. Without a healthy barrier, we are susceptible to irritants, pollutants and various skin conditions. It’s important to know the difference between hydration and moisturization to ensure the skin is getting enough of both, as these terms are not interchangeable. Hydration is defined by the application of water-binding ingredients such as beta glucan and hyaluronic acid to the skin. Moisturization is defined by the application of oil-based emollient products to the skin. There are plenty of oils found in acne-safe formulations, such as argan, apricot seed, jojoba and sunflower seed oils.

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