The Wax Chick's Chakrawax Collection Enhances Ease of Use and Versatility

Photo courtesy of The Wax Chick

The Wax Chick's Chakrawax collection is a high-end, professional wax line comprised of both hard and strip waxes to suit the preference of every waxologist. With a range of formulations (polymer, non-polymer, soy, resin, and gel) and no additives or fillers, Chakrawax offers optimal hair removal.

Thoughtfully curated to include several vegan and biodegradable options for every waxing service, the collection provides enhanced ease of use for the practitioner and unrivaled client comfort for a near-pain-free waxing experience.

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The Wax Chick has also launched a training and certification portal to provide product knowledge on the full Chakrawax collection and advanced education in waxing services, brows and Brazilians. The portal gives clients access to, pre and post-protocols, waxing demos, waxing theory, technical artistry and a full suite of business-building tools for the entire staff and technicians to ensure consistent, safe and effective execution and promotion of all waxing services across the board.

Crickett Enos, the founder and CEO of The Wax Chick, said, "Chakrawax is the culmination of my decades of experience in the treatment room and training hundreds of students and professionals worldwide to wax fearlessly. It takes a balanced energy to wax with confidence, which was my inspiration for the new line. Each chakra corresponds to an energy center in the body. My commitment to my clients is to have all the energy centers of their waxing business in balance, working in harmony. Exposure to quality wax and qualified advanced waxing education, especially when it comes to brows and Brazilians, is crucial, yet not something traditionally taught in beauty school. We support our clients on a holistic level to elevate waxing into an experience that meets the needs of today's discerning clients.”

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