Oceanic Acne Defense Line Restores, Resurfaces and Heals Breakouts

Oceanic Acne Defense Line Restores, Resurfaces and Heals Acne

Restore, resurface, calm, heal and prevent acne in just three steps with Elina Organics' new Oceanic Acne Defense line featuring its Oceanic Resurfacing Mask, Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion and the Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion. Each of the products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade in small batches by Elina in her laboratory in Michigan. 

“With the first step, using the Oceanic Resurfacing Mask, users will be improving their skin texture,” said Elina Fedotova, celebrity esthetician and founder of Elina Organics Skincare & Spas. “The second step features the Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion product to cool and calm the skin. While the third and final step in this acne regimen features the Oceanic Defense Lotion that restores and rehydrates skin.”

Elina is an acne treatment expert in not just treating the skin issue itself, but also how to prevent acne. As a cosmetic chemist and skin care formulator, Elina understands the importance of ingredients and which ones are most effective when combatting acne. As an esthetician, she knows skin care protocols further help fight acne as well as prevent it from occurring.

“Our Oceanic Resurfacing mask delivers spicules and extracts of Caribbean sponges deep into the skin to hydrate, heal, and improve skins texture,” Elina said. “This formulation is designed to help scarred, uneven, dull, inflamed and wrinkled complexions.”

The Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion features Ocean Spongillia and extracts of pearls, which are designed for treating red, sensitive and inflamed complexions.

“The third step in this acne skin care regimen includes the Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion which restores and hydrates skin with marine sponge spicules and extracts and is designed for normal to oily, acne and scarred complexions,” Elina said. 

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Oceanic Acne Defense Line

  • Oceanic Resurfacing Mask: This corrective formula contains extracts and spicules of marine sponges from the Atlantic Ocean, which deeply exfoliate and leave behind fresh and smooth skin. The spicules penetrate the skin and deliver micronutrients that accelerate natural skin-renewing processes. Copper peptides promote collagen production and skin elasticity which firm, tighten, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. This mask improves texture and reduces hyperpigmentation after the first application. 
  • Oceanic Face Cooling Infusion: This skin-calming serum contains extracts of marine pearls and sponges from the Atlantic Ocean. These ingredients are scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing properties. It’s the perfect serum for sensitive skin because it reduces redness, irritation and inflammation. 
  • Oceanic Acne Defense Lotion: This hydrating and nourishing formula contains extracts and spicules from Caribbean sponges, fermented minerals and natural retinol (vitamin A). The marine sponge spicules exfoliate and penetrate the skin, ultimately delivering micronutrients that accelerate natural skin-renewing processes. This lotion will improve skin’s texture and reduce hyperpigmentation after the first application.
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