Couleur Caramel Natural Organic Makeup from France - Welcome to the healthy revolution!


Everybody is moving toward feeling good, being healthy and living a good life. Thanks to Couleur Caramel you no longer need to choose between healthy organic and high-performance makeup; we are both! Couleur Caramel is the fruit of a dream to change the world by allowing everyone to become proactive and responsible for their consumption – to have environmental respect, respect for customers, respect for animals and respect for quality. Our products are Eco Cert Organic Cosmetic, CosmeBio Cosmos Organic, Qualite France, cruelty-free, 100% natural, mineral-based and vegan, which validates our core values. We are healthy for the skin and good for our planet… clean and green! 

We offer a unique an exclusive retail display and special introductory offer featuring a small SKU range and a strong Salon Partnership!  We are proud to sponsor Oncology Spa Solutions, GreenSpa Network, official partner to Miss France and Dancing With The Stars France.

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