Lycon Wax's Pinkini Collection


The Pinkini Collection is a luxury collection that is designed for Brazilian and bikini waxes. This collection works on sensitive skin types and provides products that can be used for at-home use as well. The collection is designed with the spa and client in mind to provide the best Brazilian and bikini wax treatment.

Collection Products Include: 

  • Pinkini Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax XXX: is formulated with argan oil and chamomile and is a hybrid between Lycon's traditional wax and Lycotec modern film wax.
  • Pinkini Skin Cleanser: effectively removes surface oils, perspiration, pollution, grime, make-up and cream residue.
  • Pinkini Pre-Waxing Oil: uses bisabolol and calendula to naturally soothe and form a protective barrier so that the wax will stick to hairs and not to skin.
  • Pinkini Finishing Lotion: is formulated with chamomile, allantoin and tazman berry to calm, moisturize and protect the skin post wax.
  • Pinkini Lightening Serum: is a lightweight and clear serum to lighten delicate skin areas, and, when used regularly, it can prevent further pigmentation development.
  • Pinkini Intimate Wash: is a gentle pH balanced cleansing gel that protects the natural acid balance while soothing and hydrating the bikini area. 


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