Hard vs. Strip Wax: Knowing Which LYCON Wax to Choose

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LYCON offers both Hard (Hot) wax, LYCON Hot Wax, and Strip (Soft) wax, LYCON Strip Wax, so you can tailor your waxing service to your clients' needs! LYCON recommends Strip wax for larger areas such as the legs, arms, back and even the outer edges of the bikini (inner thighs) as it can be applied very thinly and can be removed quite quickly with practice. Making it efficient and economical! All of LYCON’s Strip waxes do not cause skin drag or leave any sticky residue behind.

LYCON’s Hard (Hot) wax is excellent for more sensitive areas such as bikini, Brazilian, underarm and facial waxing. LYCON’s Hard waxes have added ingredients in them to further soothe the skin and reduce any redness from waxing. One benefit to Hard wax is that it can be applied in different size patches, which allows for more precise waxing around tricky areas such as the eyebrows and the lips. LYCON offers a variety of Hot waxes that are designed for specific areas such as LYCON’s PINKINI Hot Wax. It is made for Brazilian waxing as it has added soothing ingredients in it such as Argan Oil and Chamomile for this extra sensitive area, but it’s versatile and can be used on all sensitive areas.

It is important when choosing which waxes to use that you consider all factors such as what areas you will be waxing most. Will you need both a Hard and Strip wax available? Ultimately the most important thing is that you are comfortable waxing with the type of wax you choose as this will make the waxing experience most comfortable for you and your client.


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