MediNiche OcuLash & OcuDerma Provide Eye Area Solutions for Spa Professionals

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MediNiche OcuLash is a non-prescription lash and brow-enhancing gel formulated to promote the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker and more lustrous lashes and brows. It was developed specifically for salon/spa retail. 

The gel contains a healthy nutrient blend and the brand's PeptiPlex peptides to thicken hair follicles and strengthen lashes and brows.

OcuDerma is a skin care product for the eyes that minimizes fine lines and tightens and tones skin in the undereye area. It can also decrease dark shadows and circles and reduce puffiness. 

All skin care professionals that purchase the OcuLash Introductory Offer will receive a free six-piece counter display of OcuDerma. In addition, they will receive OcuLash free goods, free shipping and merchandising materials.

Both OcuDerma and OcuLash were developed specifically for salon/spa merchandising and SCP recommendations.

Samuel Alioto, president and CEO of MediNiche said, “We have found that skincare professionals want quality over-the-counter, biocompatible, and less expensive options for their customers' eye cosmetic needs. OcuLash and OcuDerma present excellent choices for those who wish to use elegant, 'eye-friendly' cosmetics. Our new free goods offer presents a great opportunity to try both products.”

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