Ultraceuticals' Ultra Granule-C Microfoliant

Ultra Granule C Microfoliant 75ml (1)

Ultraceuticals' Ultra Granule-C Microfoliant is a multi-action exfoliator that contains micro-fine granules of pure vitamin C (L-absorbic acid) that helps to smooth, refine and brighten skin's complexion. The vitamin C granules affectively remove surface residue via a gentle, yet physical exfoliation while also imparting absorbable pure vitamin C to the skin to the maximize the benefits of the product. The formula is also infused with vitamin E (tocopherol) that works with the vitamin C to protect and maintain a healthy skin barrier. The cream-to-serum formula gently melts down for a maximum absorption when massaged into the skin, this product is designed to address uneven skin texture, visible pores and dull complexion. 


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