Patchology's Moodpatch Tea-infused Eye Patches


Moodpatch Tea-infused Eye Patches are gel eye patchess that come in Happy Place, Down Time and Perk Up. Each eye gel set is designed to help target different undereye concerns while also providing aromatherapy benefits. 

Happy Place: This eye gel set uses Hibiscus and Lotus Flower to soften and condition the undereye area while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and hydrating the skin under the eyes. 

Down Time: This eye gel set combines Calendula and Primrose to sooth the undereye and provide anti-inflammatory benefits while also smoothing any fine lines.

Perk Up: This eye gel set combines Green tea and White Mulberry to brighten the undereye area while reducing puffiness and delivering antioxidants to the skin. 


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