HydroPeptide's Anti-Wrinkle and Detox Collection


Anti-Wrinkle and Detox Collection is designed to clear away, build up, purify, repair, replenish and protect the skin while strengthening its environmental defenses. Formulated with Hydro18 Activated Water, the four-piece collection, including two professional products, includes a balancing essence, hydrating mist, pore strips and cleansing wipes. 

Included in this Collection

  • HydraFlora Probiotic Essence: uses coconut water, blue agave and cactus flower to detox skin and shirnk pores for a smooth complexion.
  • Somnifera Root Mist Indoor Light Pollution Shield: uses Somnifera root extract, Hydro18 Activated Water and Pollustop to hydrate while protecting against blue light.
  • Bambusa Blackhead Banisher Pore Perfecting Nose Mask: uses bamboo extract, volcanic ash and charcoal powder to purify skin and smooth roughness.
  • HydroActiv Cleanse Micellar Facial Towelettes: uses micellar, Hydro18 Activated Water and antioxidants to remove makeup while hydrating the skin.

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