Square Launches Updated Square Stand

Square Stand user at a salon
Square Stand user at a salon
Courtesy of Square

Square has released an updated version of its Square Stand, a countertop device turning an iPad into a point of sale system.

Square was created to give every business owner an easier way to take credit cards, and now it offers a complete suite of business tools across several different business markets.

The Square Stand has the ability to serve beauty merchants of all sizes and complexity.

The new Square Stand features integrated payment technology and a new customer-centric checkout experience.

Square Stand also features: 

  • For health and beauty businesses: Square Appointments, meaning sellers can manage online bookings, in-person payments, retail inventory management and customer relationships all from one device.
  • Integrated payments technology: The Stand now integrates Square's contactless and chip card readers into the display, helping beauty businesses simplify their countertops while eliminating the need for additional hardware.
  • A transformed buyer experience: New software creates a faster, more transparent checkout process that includes an order summary screen and illuminated payment icons on the face of the device to guide customer transactions and speed up purchases.

"The way businesses and shoppers interact around the world has evolved exponentially in the time since we first launched our original Square Stand," says Alyssa Henry, head of Square. "The new Stand was built with the future of commerce in mind. Marrying elegant design with powerful software, Square Stand provides sellers of any size, from boutique retailers to multilocation restaurants, with a versatile command center for their business. Square Stand offers sellers an integrated way to meet the purchasing preferences of today's consumers."

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