Give Back to Your Community: UV Warning Signal


Nevada has some of the highest melanoma rates in the country.  For that reason and many others, a rancher from Minden, Nevada, Bill Barth, has come up with the UV Warning Signal.  The first UV Warning Signal is up and running at Findlay Cadillac in Henderson, Nevada, and more will be popping up around the country, including at schools and parks.

Barth, who started the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation, has a mother with skin cancer, as well as several friends who have died due to melanoma. He is on a crusade to teach kids about the importance of skin cancer prevention and education

The UV Warning Signal is manufactured by Solar Light Company and the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation, and is a device that displays the real-time UV index in order to raise public awareness of UV radiation exposure in areas such as school yards, swimming pools, beaches, ski slopes, golf courses, and stadiums.

This is a real-time UV Index which helps to raise public awareness of UV radiation exposure. The UV Warning Signal uses a series of lights similar to a traffic light to indicate the intensity of the sun’s UV radiation. A UV sensor, designed to emulate the skin’s response to the sun, sends a signal that illuminates one of the five colored lights on the display unit. Each light corresponds to a UV Index exposure category as defined by the World Health Organization and United States Environmental Protection Agency. The unit can be pole- or wall-mounted with the UV sensor located up to 100 feet away.

Proceeds from each sale of the UV Warning Signal will help support the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation children's programs. One such program is the award winning Sun Smart Kids Cool School Program (, which was awarded the 2006 Golden Triangle Award from the American Academy of Dermatology. This program has been requested by 1,450 school or organizations, both domestic and internationally.

This a great opportunity for dermatologists, spas, medical spas and skin care suppliers to give back to their communities by donating the UV Warning Signal to schools, parks or other community venues to encourage the awareness of the danger of UV rays. For more information about purchasing the device, call 877-478-6227 or email [email protected].

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