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Dare to Go Bare: Hair Removal Products at Face & Body Northern California

Face & Body Northern California spa expo and conference will feature several hair removal exhibitors. Here are just a few.

  • We're excited to highlight all of the suppliers who will be exhibiting at Face & Body Northern California spa expo and conference this year! Here are just a few from the hair removal category.

  • Hard Film Wax and Soft Wax Flex

    Italwax (Booth 624)

    Hard Film Wax is a stripless wax available in varying aroma and color options, including: Natural, Rose, Azulene, White Chocolate, Plum and Por Homme. The hard wax has a lower melting temperature of 104°F to 113°F and can be applied with a spatula regardless of the hair growth direction. Hard Film wax is ideal for removing all hair close to the skin surface, while reducing pain and skin irritation.

    Soft Wax Flex contains a mix of natural resins and features high plasticity when applied in a thin layer with a spatula over a large surface. Flex does not adhere to the skin, which results in less pain and irritation for the client and will not leave a sticky residue. Available in Amber, Algae, Rose Oil, Aquamarine, Raspberry and Wine.

  • Cerazyme Depilbright

    Depilève (Booth 1405)

    Depilbright features a patented active ingredients delivery method that provides a lightening effect to the skin. Skin brightening epilation is infused with Gatuline Spot-light, Alpha-Arbutin and White Mulberry to help lighten dark pigments. The wax provides a dual treatment of hair removal and lightening dark pigments at the same time.

  • Hair Did It Go?

    Relax & Wax—No Scream Cream (Booth 804)

    Hair Did it Go? is a hair retarding enzyme serum, applied immediately after waxing to stop hair growth. After treatment, the remainder of the serum is taken home with the client to be applied over the following 72 hours. For best results, the average sessions depending on coarseness of hair can be anywhere from five to 15 sessions.

  • Wax Necessities’ STEEL Hard Wax for Men

    Beauty4Pros (Booth 309)

    Formulated for short, coarse hair, STEEL hard wax features a dark metallic color with fast hardening time. The wax can be used without strips and on a low temperature.

  • PFB + Chromabright

    PFB Vanish (Booth 526)

    PFB Vanish + Chromabright is designed for ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal, and features a roll-on gel formula.

  • Pro Sugaring Paste

    Sweet & True Sugaring Co. (Booth 218)

    Pro Sugaring Paste is a soft paste ideal for speed sugaring for Brazilian, face and fully body. Consisting of three food-grade ingredients—saccharum officinarum L., distilled water and citric acid—Pro Sugaring Paste provides a smooth finish with fewer ingrown hairs.

  • Berodin Blue

    Eva’s Esthetics (Booth 1109)

    Blue Wax Pellets provide gentle, nonirritating hair removal without the need for strips. Formulated with polymers, the blue wax can be applied in multiple sections without breaking.

A highlight of some of the hair removal products that will be at Face & Body Northern California. 

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