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Dazzle Dry's A Taste of Summer Collection

A Taste of Summer Collection comes with six, long-lasting lacquers that were inspired by the different colors of summer. 

Bodyography's Instant Lift Eye Mask

Instant Lift Eye Mask is a moisturizing sheet mask for the undereye area that hydrates and lifts the skin while strengthening and tightening.

NIA24 Rapid Redness Recovery

Rapid Redness Relief neutralizes redness in the skin while calming and soothing it to promote recovery and diminish irritation.

Bio-Therapeutics' bt-sonic 2.0

bt-sonic 2.0 is a cleansing brush that thoroughly cleanses the skin to leave it feeling radiant and smooth.

Elenzia's Celltense Serum

Celltense Serum is a non-invasive treatment that firms the skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

Goldfaden MD's Skin Balancing Mask

Skin Balancing Mask works to revitalize and nourish the skin while refining pores, exfoliating and improving elasticity.

Clubman's Shave Butter

Shave Butter moisturizes the skin for a more comfortable and closer shave that softens and soothes the skin.

Babor's Beauty Rescue SOS Ampoule

Beauty Rescue SOS Ampoule strengthens the skin's barrier while increasing its resistance to reactivity of external stressors. 

Eminence's Wildflower Ultralight Oil

Wildflower Ultralight Oil nourishes the skin while evoking the aromatherapy of wildflowers. This oil can be used on the hair, skin and nails. 

IBD Beauty's Peach Palette

Peach Palette is a collection of nail polishes that include two different formulations. The shades of these polishes range from creamy peaches to soft blush pinks. 

Ardell's Natural 172 & 174

Natural Lashes in 172 and 174 incorporate soft curl layers to boost volume and length while remaining natural.

CelleClé Skincare's StemBiotix AquaGel

StemBiotix AquaGel hydrates, firms and plumps the skin while protecting from environmental pollution. 

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