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Medicalia's Medi-Soothe Gentle Toner

Medi-Soothe Gentle Toner helps to prepare the skin for further treatment while cleansing, hydrating and aiding with sensitivity.

La Roche-Posay's My Skin Track UV

My Skin Track UV is a wearable electronic that measures and stores information on UVA and UVB exposure to help client's create healthier sun care habits. 

Guinot's Anti-Dark Serum

Anti-Dark Spot Serum uses vitamin C to reduce the appearance of dark spots for a more youthful complexion. 

Nectar Essences' Gemfleur Massage and Body Oil

Gemfleur Massage and Body Oils work to support well-being by using aromatherapy to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

ENERGYbits' BEAUTYbits Spirulina Tablets

BEAUTYbits Spirulina Tablets help to nourish the skin, hair and body from the inside out through the use of algae.

18.21 Man Made Grooming's Beard Balm

Beard Balm works to tame, shape, soothe and nourish the beard by delivering oils and moisture to it for a healthy-looking beard.

Glowbiotics' Advanced Anti-Aging Replenishing Oil

Advanced Anti-Aging Replenishing Oil helps to prevent water loss in the skin to repair dry and dehydrated skin while stimulating collagen.

Microjuvenate's Microdermabrasion Crystal Ball

Microdermabrasion Crystal Ball provides full body exfoliating and polishing through the use of corundum crystals to remove impurities and dead skin cells. 

Spa Order's Fleur Room Spray

Fleur Room Spray can be used in the treatment, lounge or steam room to provide a light, refreshing and relaxing scent.

Murad's Night Fix Enzyme Treatment

Night Fix Enzyme Treatment works to repair the skin during the night by stopping overnight dehydration and boosting skin's radiance. 

Jane Iredale's Purple Rain Eyeshadow Kit

Purple Rain Eyeshadow Kit comes with five eyeshadow shade that range from light to dark hues of purples and pinks.

The Better Skin Co.'s Zit Survival Kit

Zit Survival Kit uses a cleanser, blemish serum and moisturizer to cleanse, purify and clarify the complexion while targeting acne causing bacteria to maintain a clear complexion.

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