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I'm Fabulous Cosmetics' Glow Boosting Organic Serum

Glow Boosting Organic Serum uses plant-based and active marine ingredients to hydrate, brighten and exfoliate the skin.

DermAware's Blemish Banisher Peel and Mask Set

Blemish Banisher Peel and Mask Set peel and heal away pimples through the use of vitamin A, niacinamide and Carboxylic acids. 

SAIAN's ActiveCell

ActiveCell are collagen and stem cell eyepads that protect, regulate and activate the skin for a healthy under eye area. 

LIV + GRACE's Super Seed Oil

Super Seed Oil uses nutritive essential seed oils to hydrate, plump and restore mature, devitalized skin.

Elemis' Superfood Skincare Range

The Superfood Skincare Range includes a day cream, night cream, facial cleanser and facial oil that are all packed with superfood ingredients to support healthy skin.

Anna Lotan's Micellar Rose Water

Micellar Rose Water is a cleanser that removes makeup, dirt and sebum residue for a clean and bright complexion.

Dear by Renee's Clarify Crème

Clarifying Crème hydrates, purifies, clarifies and balances the skin for a clean and balanced complexion while delivering antioxidants to the skin. 

Jane Iredale's HandDrink Cream

HandDrink Cream is now offered in the antioxidant-rich lemongrass scent, and the lemongrass oil used for this scent works to revive the skin.

Medicalia Skincare's Stretchmark Guard Cream

Stretchmark Guard Cream Protects, nourishes, strengthens and boosts skin to prevent stretch mark formation while smoothing existing stretch marks. 

G.M. Collin's Retinol Advanced + Night Cream

Retinol Advanced + Night Cream repairs, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin while firming and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

BelleCôte Paris’ Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser

Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser detoxifies the skin while helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and providing hydration to the skin. 

NovaLash's Aura

Aura is a temperature and humidity gauge that helps lash artists know the amount of moisture in the air for best lash application.

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