How Do You Care For Your Equipment?

Woman getting facial with spa device
Are you issuing regular maintenance on your spa devices?

It's practically impossible to be in the spa industry and not have some kind of equipment or device in your treatment room. While figuring out what devices to invest in can be a tricky feat, it can also be equally as tricky to make sure you're keeping up with their maintenance.

Like any tool, devices need regular maintenance. When we asked our spa audience this is what they shared: 

  • 11% perform quarterly maintenance on their equipment
  • 78% perform maintenance at least once a year
  • 11% do not perform regular maintenance on their equipment.

Different devices will need different maintenance depending on their use in the spa. Make sure that you are keeping in contact with the manufacturer to know what needs to be done with your spa devices. As a basic note, using a gentle and device-friendly cleaner after each use is crucial to keeping a healthy and hygenic spa area. 

If you aren't doing routine check ups on your devices, now is the time to start.

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